Production Team Member, (Temp) Westland Distillery - Seattle WA

Job description

Job Overview:

Westland Distillery operates a 40-barrel brewhouse daily to supply a stillroom consisting of a 2,000-gallon wash still and 1,320 gallon spirit still. Production takes place on a seven-day a week schedule. As a production team member, you will work as part of a seven-person team. The primary role will be to operate out brewhouse focusing on wort production and fermentation.

Job Responsibilities:

Support the mash house throughout the entire day’s production

Keep accurate inventory of all wort produced throughout the day, including but not limited to starting gravities, final gravities, temperatures, and volumes.

Keep accurate inventory of raw materials and adjuncts used in mash house on a weekly basis

Maintain clean and tidy workplace

Regularly clean and maintain equipment to ensure proper working order

Mill on a twice-daily basis, according to the grain bill designated by the distillery manager or master distiller

Load, unload, and package goods for transportation


Job Qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications:

Must be 21 years of age or older

Ability to pick up and carry 60 pounds

Ability to frequently stand for periods of time

Ability to climb stairs/ladders

Preferred Qualifications:

Forklift experience

Excel Skills and/or google sheets

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Americas - USA
Type of contract
Fixed term contract
1 - 2 years
Seattle, Washington

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