Tasting Room Associate, Westland Distillery

Job description

Support all Westland Distillery Cantilever Room guest interactions with the highest quality of customer service. Implement tours, tastings, food and beverages service, and event assistance. Support all Cantilever Room sales as they pertain to tours, tastings, food and beverage, merchandise and event sales. Process online orders via ecommerce platform, prepare labels and associated physical packages. Assist with merchandise stocking and maintenance. Assist with Cantilever Room operational functions including but not limited to, stocking, cleaning, inventory tracking, and tour scheduling.

Job Responsibilities:


Execute beverage service with an emphasis on Westland Whiskey education
Lead Distillery tours (virtual and in-person) exemplifying versed knowledge on Westland Distillery Brand History, the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission, and Westland Distillery Whiskey Production
Process food service and merchandise sales with the highest level of customer of service
Process and fulfill ecommerce orders, including fulfillment through ecommerce platform, and preparation of physical packages with 48 hours of date / time of order


  • Support of The Cantilever Room, offering the highest quality of customer service
  • Maintain transparent educational experience for all tour and Cantilever Room guests
  • Beverage service, including whiskey samples, cocktails, food service
  • Support all Cantilever Room sales which include tours, tastings, beverage and food, merchandise, and event sales
  • Maintain, cleaning, and stocking of tasting room
  • Interact with point-of-sale software for customer purchases
  • Lead Westland Distillery Tours, virtually and in-person
  • Tracking and scheduling tours
  • Monitoring ecommerce sales, fulfilling orders through ecomm backend platform, creating shipping labels, and executing physical packaging
  • Display a thorough understanding of Westland Distillery’s production process
  • Support onsite private event set-up and production


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Food & beverage industry experience
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Americas - USA
Type of contract
Permanent contract
6 months - 1 year
Seattle, Washington

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